Chinese & Pizzas

Chinese & Pizzas

Our Continental section offers wide range in Pizza and Pasta, we understand the right mix of Salt & Pepper and plays delicious magic on Pizza and Pasta. Just see what we serve in Continental. We also offer Chinese dishes such as Chow Mein and delicious Soups.


American Chopsuey$17.50
Chilli Paneer$17.90
Chinese Platter(Chow Mein, Fried Rice, Manchurian &¬†Chilli Paneer) Springrolls in picture are not included instead chilly …$26.00
Hot & Sour Soup$7.80
Manchow Soup$7.80
Sweet Corn Soup$7.80
Veg Chow Mein$12.50
Veg Fried Rice$11.90
Veg Manchurian$14.50
Veg Noodle Soup$7.80


Bikano Pizza$11.50
Capsicum Onion Pizza$11.50
Cheese Pizza$9.50
Chilli Paneer Pizza$11.50
Green Chilli Pizza$11.00
Mushroom Pizza$11.50
Paneer Tikka Pizza$11.50